The centre is dedicated to the continuing discovery and development of scientific knowledge and clinical skills applied to the care of Mycetoma patients, for Mycetoma World Free. To eradicate mycetoma, as a life-mutilating disease, through the advancement of medical care, research, education and disease prevention.

Is to ensure evidence-informed mycetoma care and practice. This is stemming from knowledge and innovation generated from research and track knowledge of mycetoma experts and regular monitoring and evaluation of activities directed to control mycetoma.


MRC Values

  •     Multi-Disciplinary Team Building: Management of mycetoma is long and includes medical, surgical and rehabilitative intervention. Therefore, a multidisciplinary approach is essential for proper patients’ care and better management results.
  •     Community Leadership: Mycetoma patients resident in remote rural regions. Most of them are illiterates, lives in poor hygiene setting and present late for treatment. Thus, the community involvement is essential to improve patients support, seeking behaviour, and their living conditions.
  •     Patients Centred Care: Mycetoma services are designed and delivered around reduction of patients suffering because of the disease, treatment seeking and its financial and social cost to them. This approach extends to daily staff interaction with patients, their families and communities.
  •     Equity: Mycetoma management availability and improvement is a human right issue. Mycetoma affected communities deserve support and effective treatment like other patients affected by other diseases
  •     Networking: Mycetoma control requires clinical know-how, financial resources and social mobilisation. Collaboration and coordination of the bodies with such capacities, at national and international levels, is essential for making real progress in disease control.
  •     Access: Making service proximate to patient residence and free management services with sustainable free of charges medicines provision are core for improving patient detection and reduction drop out of patients during management process
  •     Quality: Provision of standardised management and close follow-up of the patients combined with community engagement activities is necessary for better patient treatment result and reduction of disease complications. Regular monitoring and evaluation activities are useful tools for service maintenance and improvement.
  •     Evidence-informed practice: Research, innovation and knowledge transfer are the cornerstone to MRC mycetoma control practice. Our activities are linked regular disease study and application of our discoveries in patient management and care.